.nxt: The .nxt conference on new generic top-level domains (new gTLDs) has been officially rescheduled for August 29-31. Originally scheduled for late June, the conference was pushed back due to ICANN’s delaying of Reveal Day, during which ICANN unveiled the official list of new gTLDs with applicants.

Domain Name Wire: Should .MOBI owners be worried about string similarity with the .MOBILE new gTLD? Probably not since two out of three of the applicants for .MOBILE are closed registries, meaning the public would not be able to register a .MOBILE domain. However Donuts has submitted an application as well, meaning if they win, .MOBILE domains may be available to the public after all. So while .MOBI isn’t out of the woods yet, .MOBILE is unlikely to affect it.

International Rugby Board: Though there are three applicants competing for the .RUGBY string, the International Rugby Board (IRB) is claiming it is the only applicant with rights to the string. “IRB is the proper and rightful steward for the .RUGBY domain and will ensure that all within the global Rugby family can benefit,” Bernard Lapasset, IRB Chairman, said, “We are the only applicant representing the Rugby community and do not recognise any other applicant as a valid steward of the .RUGBY domain. ”

CircleID: Now that the new gTLD strings have been announced and digital archery has been officially abandoned, the conversation has turned to auctions. If ICANN cannot decide between several qualified applicants for a given new gTLD, ICANN will hold an auction. The biggest question surrounding the auction environment is who will get to keep the money.

ICANN: The Open Comment Forum gives the public the opportunity to submit public comments on new gTLDs. Here’s a few surprising strings you may not have antipated being contended:

  1. .PATAGONIA: The popular outdoors brand applied for the string, which made many residents of the South American region of the same name very unhappy. One objecter pleads, “Please listen to the wishes of the Patagonian people. Patagonia is the southernmost region of South America, shared by Argentina and Chile with landscapes and attractions unique in the world. The .patagonia domain must be free to be used by the people of Patagonia and not a private company.”
  2. .COUPON: Amazon.com is one of two applicants for the string, and objectors say giving .COUPON to a closed registry would cut of competition and hurt consumers. “This is at best anti-competitive and at worst an attempt to monopolise the online shopping market,” one objector said, “I’m sure other consumers would like to keep the choice part of our online shopping experience alive.”