United Domains believes that technology is innovation in material form; a monument sculpted from the brilliance of human creativity. We live in a world of near-constant technological refinements and breakthroughs. These days, innovation comes so rapidly that the next best thing always hot on the heels of the previous one. It seems like every day there is a new solution springing up to engage an old problem, a new advancement to make our lives easier to manage. When great thinkers turn their minds to a problem, something previously unimaginable can been made possible, achievable, and convenient for everyone to use.

From 3-D printing revolutionizing the medical industry to the latest must-have feature on our smart phones, technology and its wonders are a central part of our lives. As technology continues to progress and improve the world around us, the human race looks to the horizon, our minds always reeling at the age-old question: “What will they think of next?” Well, United Domains has the answer to that question: the .TECHNOLOGY new gTLD.

A domain with the .TECHNOLOGY extension lets your visitors know that your website is on the cutting edge of your industry. Tech bloggers now have a recognizable and friendly domain name through which to brand their writing. Tech communities and web developers have an easy go-to destination for showing off their latest innovations. If your website is focused on the future, electronics, machinery, or anything else technological in nature, then a .TECHNOLOGY domain is the logical choice for a name, and it can now be yours for only $29.00 per year.

If technology is your passion, hobby, or profession, don’t wait to jump on a .TECHNOLOGY domain of your own — available now at United Domains. It’s just one of the new extensions we’re releasing for registration this week. We’re also releasing the following new domain extensions for registration:

.CONSTRUCTION: $29.00/year
.CONTRACTORS: $29.00/year
.DIRECTORY: $29.00/year
.KITCHEN: $19.00/year
.LAND: $29.00/year
.TODAY: $29.00/year

That puts the grand total of new domain extensions at 22. That means there are already 22 unique and engaging new gTLDs, each appealing to its own niche or industry, to consider for your website. Register one for your perfect new domain name today, and be on the lookout for future updates from us! Each week, we’ll be releasing even more brand-new, industry-focused domain extensions to make your website the best it can be. You can bet we’ll be updating our blog and social media channels to let you in on the scoop every week, so check back with us frequently to stay on top of the latest news.