Hot off the heels of our first batch of New gTLDs for pre-order, United Domains announces the arrival of the second wave! It’s a veritable treasure trove of industry-specific domain extensions, perfect for a wide range of fields and professions, from .construction workers to .technology startups and beyond.

These extensions are the next step toward the Internet landscape of the 21st Century, where over a thousand new domain extensions will expand consumer choice for relevant, attractive domain names like never before. At long last, struggling through the crowded .COM namespace to find an available domain name for your website will be a thing of the past.

Here’s the full listing of the second batch:

.contractors: $29.00/year
.land: $29.00/year
.technology: $29.00/year
.construction: $29.00/year
.directory: $29.00/year
.kitchen: $19.00/year
.today: $29.00/year
.diamonds: $49.00/year
.enterprises: $49.00/year
.tips: $19.00/year
.voyage: $39.00/year

Customers with pre-registered domains using these extensions can now confirm their domains for pre-order from the “New Domains” tab of their accounts. If you don’t have any domains with these extensions pre-registered yet, you can get started pre-ordering by searching the domain you want from the search bar on our home page and following the on-screen steps from there.

Be sure to submit your pre-order as soon as possible to guarantee a slot in our database for launch — we won’t be able to submit your pre-registered domain for registration unless you pre-order it!

These domain extensions may only just be launching, but with short, generic names sure to go quickly, it pays to pre-order with United Domains. By pre-ordering your domain name, you sign up for automatic registration at the very start of a domain extension’s general availability period, when a larger number of short and valuable domain names are likely to be available.

More incredible domain extensions are coming to revolutionize the Internet this year, but you can get your hands on these first new gTLDs much sooner. Don’t wait to claim your name: confirm your pre-order today and get ready for the next wave of new gTLDs with United Domains.