The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. New domains are here, and available for registration at United Domains! By bringing countless new, short and memorable domain names to the market, new gTLDs are already opening up the Internet namespace on a level we’ve never seen before.

It’s the beginning of a new and improved Internet – an Internet where finding a fresh, recognizable domain name no longer has to be a struggle. It’s also the perfect opportunity for everyone, from small business owners to bloggers, to jump-start their websites with a new name that is engaging and brand-friendly.

For the last week, United Domains customers have been busy registering new domains with the first new domain extensions we released: .VENTURES, .GURU, .BIKE, .HOLDINGS, .CLOTHING, .SINGLES, and .PLUMBING. The response has been nothing short of amazing so far; thousands of new domains have already registered.

But this release was only the first of many. Today, United Domains is pleased to be launching the second batch of domain extensions, now live and available to register:

.CAMERA: $29.00/year
.EQUIPMENT: $29.00/year
.GALLERY: $29.00/year
.GRAPHICS: $29.00/year
.LIGHTING: $19.00/year
.ESTATE: $29.00/year
.PHOTOGRAPHY: $14.90/year

If you want to make a connection online, you need a name that is short, attractive and unforgettable. Your name needs to make an instant impression with your visitor before they lay eyes on your website. These extensions can be just the thing to help you make an early, lasting impression while communicating that your site is relevant and meaningful to your visitor’s interests.

Since they’re brand-new and fresh out of the gate, that means there are still plenty of short, memorable and valuable domain names for everyone. If you’re involved in any of these industries, either professionally or casually, be sure to get in on the action soon. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to register your perfect domain name.

There are still more domain releases to come, so be sure to check back each week to see what’s new and available. With hundreds of new extensions to be released in 2014, you’re not far away from finding a new, unforgettable domain name for your website.