In the past month we’ve seen two batches of domain extensions released for pre-order at After all that excitement, you might think we’d be ready for a break, but we’re already itching to release our next set of domain extensions. Our latest release is the largest and most diverse collection of new domain extensions we’ve come out with yet. Take a look at what we’ve added for pre-order:

.shoes: $29.00/year
.careers: $49.00/year
.photos: $19.00/year
.recipes: $39.00/year
.limo: $49.00/year
.domains $29.00/year
.company: $29.00/year
.cab: $39.00/year
.computer: $29.00/year
.center: $19.00/year
.systems: $39.00/year
.academy: $39.00/year
.management: $19.00/year
.email: $29.00/year
.solutions: $49.00/year
.support: $49.00/year
.builders: $39.00/year
.training: $49.00/year

If you have non-binding pre-registrations for domains with any of these extensions, the time has come to convert them to pre-orders. If you don’t have any pre-registrations yet, you can still pre-order available domains with these extensions from the search bar on our homepage.

Pre-ordering your domains simplifies the registration process. By submitting your pre-orders ahead of launch, you won’t have to worry about keeping track of a crowded and confusing launch schedule. Because your pre-order places your domain in our exclusive database for automatic registration at launch, you can relax and let our system handle the work of submitting your registration application for you.

So far, United Domains has released three batches totaling over forty new domain extensions for pre-order, and we already can’t wait to show you what the next set of extensions will look like. Stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Twitter for updates to our new gTLD offerings. We’ll be making our next announcement soon.